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Nothing Here is Real

Nothing Here is Real

  • 2016 Novel
    Paperback — 348 pages

  • When Grady Pickett hears that the lost paintings of Ward Gregory have been rediscovered, he decides to abandon his long time girlfriend and the life he has made for himself in Massachusetts and return home to Apollo, New York, certain that if he unravels the central mystery of his childhood he will be able to make sense of his greatest loss. In the tailspin of events that follow, Grady must choose between two lives laid out before him. Will he reclaim himself and the past he once called his own from the grips of his brother Emile’s elaborate distortions or will he submit to the temptation of vengeance and forever lose all he once was? In Nothing Here Is Real Matt Bindig explores the power of family myths and the costs that come with striking out on your own.

    “Matt Bindig’s Nothing Here Is Real is an unflinching and skillfully wrought exploration of family secrets and the past in conversation with the present; it is a story of devastating loss, and ultimately, of redemptive love.”
    — Mick Cochrane is the author of the novel The Girl Who Threw Butterflies

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