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Stay tuned for upcoming buzz about Matt Bindig's new works.

Featured in the
Robin Hopkins' Podcast "Well... Adjusting"

In a wise and wonderful way - that is often funny and relatable - Robin talks with her guests about challenges they are facing. Her work is brave, insightful, and entertaining. This episode features Far From the Twisted Reach: The Last Road Trip Ever.

recognizing depression and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

so much more than a road trip

Featured in the
East Aurora Advertiser

Columnist Rick Ohler reviews the novel Far From the Twisted Reach. The Last Road Trip Ever for the East Aurora Advertiser.

In the Niche and Potatoes 

Emily McDonnell and Alex Martin discuss the memoir Far From the Twisted Reach. The Last Road Trip Ever in Episode 12 of their Niche Reacts series. Subscribers can also listen to an exclusive interview with the author.


4 books to gift by buffalo-based authors

In Buffalo Magazine

Matt Bindig's memoir Far From the Twisted Reach. The Last Road Trip Ever has recently been featured in Buffalo Magazine's article, "4 books to gift by Buffalo-based authors." Check out the article for more information on his book, and others that are perfect for the upcoming gift-giving season!

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